Reseller Planner for Ebay, Poshmark, Mercari and Etsy Sellers

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**Get lifetime updates! I'll release a new planner each year and you only pay this one time!**

Keep your reselling business organized with the Reseller Binder!

Use the Reseller Planner you can keep everything in one place so that you can stay organized and stop wasting time juggling stacks of papers and spreadsheets.

Build your binder by only printing the pages you need and keep it in your workspace to inspire you to keep things organized.

The Reseller Binder includes 76 pages including:

  • Cost of goods logs
  • Monthly planning pages
  • Monthly logs
  • Expense log
  • Goal planner
  • Inventory log
  • Sales trackers for Ebay, Poshmark, Mercari and Etsy
  • Listing info sheet
  • Returns log
  • Listing challenge sheets
  • Mileage log
  • Weekly planners (several templates)

And more!

You know the term out of sight out of mind? Having this binder out in your workspace will remind you to keep your records straight.

Pick and choose what you'd like for your binder and only print the sheets you need!

Customer Reviews

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Great Value for Amazing Planner

The Reseller Planner was the perfect jump start planner to help me organize my re-selling. It included everything I needed to get started & things I didn’t even realize I needed. It is smart, simple, helpful & classy! I love it!!

Reseller Planner for Ebay, Poshmark, Mercari and Etsy Sellers

This will save me a great amount of stress. Thanks so much!


I love this planner. I can allready see it helping me grow my business.

Just what you need

Perfect for a everyone, I personally love to use a planner. I was always writing half of what I had to do in my daily planner and then using my phone for the rest. Now I can keep everything and I really love the monthly sheets where I can use the different shades like Aileen showed in her videos.

Reseller Planner

Thank you so much. This is going to be a huge help. I really appreciate it.