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Excellent resource!

Very good reseller dashboard! Exceeded my expectations. Great way to stay organized!

Not gook for uk

Not for uk saler


I am so glad I found out that something like this existed! It makes my business so much easier and less stressful!

A great reselling resource!

Thank you Aileen! This tool puts everything in one place, even for people who aren't confident in their computer skills.

What a great help, especially for new sellers!

I sold regularly on eBay 15+ years ago while I stayed at home with my son. Ebay and the world of selling online is much different now. There's so much information to learn, tons more sellers, so many options, and price points are much more competitive. Now that I am getting back into the selling game, I needed all the help I can get. I did pretty well my first month (August). However, I was spending much more time doing research on how to become a reseller rather than building the business by listing! This Reseller Planner is exactly what I needed to make my life easier so thank you for that! I really appreciate you compiling everything I needed to make the process go smoother. I am still in the beginning stages but I can't wait to make this my business rather than just a hobby! I love this!

Reseller spreadsheet

Finding the forms really easy to use and quick to maneuver thru.

Wonderful and User Friendly

This is an affordable database, easy to use, helps keep my online items a breeze. Tracks all types of stats to help you improve sales and make more money with less effort. Also, has a training course and customer support for all your needs.

Excellent Airtable Base For Resellers

This base has helped me track and organize my inventory and sales. I used an older version and upgraded. Love the extra tabs for expenses and payments. The monthly tab was just what it needed to be close to perfect!

Easy to use

The spreadsheets are easy to use and a lot better then what I was using previously. Thank you so much.

Reseller Dashboard

Thank you. This has been a lifesaver for me. I was disorganized, but not anymore. I really like the where it’s listed column so I can remember where I listed it. Thank you!

Men’s Mixed Lot
Men’s lot

Men’s lot very satisfied customer, will buy again

Great Tool

The Reseller Dashboard is a great tool to manage your inventory and keep track of your costs and profits.

Book keeping

So far I’m happy using this reseller dashboard I’m new to small business and this helps me to organize highly recommended!

Awesome Dashboard Spreadsheet

I bought the spreadsheet because I wanted to get organized with the inventory. The spreadsheet helped me a lot!!!!!

Great tool!

This is a very user friendly tool for someone like myself who is starting his or her reselling business. Thanks!!

Awesome way to track inventory!

I was trying to come up with a way to track inventory and sales. I was thinking I am sure someone out there has already done this and happen to run across Aileen’s download. OMG what a timesaver! I highly recommend using this you will not be disappointed!!

Seller Dashboard

Worth every penny! Love that I can organize everything right in my inventory. What a time saver!

Economical and SIMPLE Solution to Tracking Inventory and Sales Data

I am so happy to have come across this spreadsheet! I was paying a monthly subscription to an accounting software that did more than I needed it to as a part-time-only seller. This spreadsheet is a great deal for just what I need. While I could probably have figured out a spreadsheet sort of similar to this on my own, the hurdle of actually getting it DONE, let alone filled out, would have prevented it from happening. Now I can focus on catching up my sales data before tax time and get a fresh start on 2020! It is easy to learn and use, and you can customize some features to fit your preferences and needs.

So organized!!

So far i am loving this planner it has everything I need to get my reselling business more organized. I also love that it comes digitally so I can arrange and print the pages as i need them.

Already blown away!

The app is super easy to use, includes everything I need to start cataloging and the template Amelie provided is stellar!

User friendly

The second I downloaded Airtable & copied TJ reseller dashboard, I was super excited to use it! I was using it right away. This tool is super user friendly, has a clean interface, very self explanatory and you are able to customize it to fit your needs. I would highly recommend this to anyone in the reselling business. Thank you so much for making this available to others!

so much help!!!

Being a person who is not super computer savvy, these forms are a HUGE help to my book keeping! Thank you so much!

Amazing Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet was EXACTLY what I was looking for to help streamline selling online.

Planner Review!

Extremely Helpful!!! Highly Recommend


Thank you a real help