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Reseller Check Up (Ebay/Poshmark Account Review)

Reseller Check Up (Ebay/Poshmark Account Review)

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Your Business Check-Up for eBay & Poshmark Success!
Just like your health needs regular check-ups, your eBay or Poshmark reselling business deserves the same level of care and attention.

Say hello to the Reseller Check Up, a quick, to-the-point personalized evaluation and guide designed to improve your reselling business.
Why get a Reseller Check Up?
  • Fresh Perspective: Sometimes, when we're so close to our own business, it's easy to miss things. But with a second set of eyes, you get a fresh perspective. 
  • Spotting Opportunities: As an experienced reseller, I can take a look at your business and sometimes spot opportunities. I may be able to identify areas where you can make improvements, find new strategies to attract buyers, and suggest ways to boost your sales.
  • Identifying Blind Spots: We all have blind spots – things we're not aware of or don't realize could be holding our business back. A second set of eyes can help shine a light on those blind spots. I can point out potential pitfalls and provide insights to help you navigate around them.
  • Validation and Support: Sometimes, we just need someone to validate our ideas and provide support. I give you the reassurance and encouragement you need to move forward with confidence. I can also offer insights and suggestions that confirm you're on the right track or provide alternative perspectives that help you refine your strategies.
  • Guidance and Expertise: When you have someone with experience in the reselling world looking at your business, you gain access to their knowledge and expertise. As someone who has been selling for over 10 years and has made well over $100,000 worth of sales, I can share tips, tricks, and best practices that to save you time, effort, and mistakes along the way.

I've had the incredible opportunity to support and guide over 5,000 resellers through my spreadsheets and courses.

Now, I'm beyond thrilled to bring that same personalized magic directly to you!
What you'll get when you order a Reseller Check Up:

🕵️‍♀️ In-Depth Evaluation: I'll record my screen as I deep dive into your eBay or Poshmark store/closet. I'll check out your account, inventory, listings, and photos to find areas for improvement.

💡 Actionable Tips: You'll get a one page PDF report with a link to your personalized video + a couple of actionable tips. It's like having a roadmap to improve your reselling strategies, attract more buyers, and make more money!

📧 Email Support: You'll have 7 days of email support! That means you can ask questions, get clarification, and get extra help as you review the Reseller Check-In and put it into action.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to get a Reseller Check Up and take your eBay or Poshmark game to a new level!

Order your Reseller Check-up now, and let's start optimizing, improving, and maximizing your reselling success.
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Customer Reviews

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Marie B. (Dallas, TX)

Reseller Check Up (Ebay/Poshmark Account Review)

Kristi E. (Pomeroy, WA)
Amazing Walk Through Interactive Learning Experience

I’ve only been reselling since February 2023 it’s August 2023 currently) and I have learned so much from this course! It was money well spent! I plan to take more courses with Aileen. Yes I say with her because she actually interacts with you and checks in with you. She encourages us and teaches us so much invaluable information. My favorite part? She walked me through my closet and let me know amazing tips on how I can do certain things to improve my listings and just really friend constructive criticism which I love. I’d highly recommend this course!